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There are many problems with the current policy settings. Historically, the Menzies’ Commonwealth Government took much needed funds from Victoria’s Hydro-electricity scheme and gave it to the NSW Snowy Hydro

This meant that Kiewa Valley Hydro Unit 5 was not built.  The Turnbull Government instead of restoring these funds to Victoria’s Kiewa Hydro have once again given them to Snowy Hydro 2.0

The Ballieu, Napthine, Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison Governments were/are being derailed by the Coal companies which receive subsidies such as the diesel subsidy which is not available to solar harvesting companies and rain storm water harvesting projects.

In Queensland 40 solar farms are planned for 2018.  Criticism of solar and wind farms is that they are intermittent suppliers of energy.  Base load energy is and old and not useful term.  Consistent 24 hour supplies of energy are available from coastal sea-based wind farms.  Worldwide evidence supports this.

I support the development of the Star of the South Wind Farm and the 2000 jobs it will bring in construction and 250 jobs ongoing for the Gippsland region.  I will support other renewable energy projects and the equalization of subsidies with those historically given to coal.

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