Homeless- Men, Women, Families, Children



children lying in front of the pregnant woman

The police are often called to assess the homeless person or ask them to move on.  This is a waste of police resources. It ingrains poverty and creates false crimes and problems which our courts do not need.  The Victorian Government needs to stand up to the Federal government and ask for sufficient health, transport and housing resources so our Police can focus on real crimes rather than crimes of poverty.

A society is judged by how it treats its poor.  Many religions often have times during the year when they focus on poverty and those in need. But a civil society provides choices for the poor throughout the year.  The closure of mental health hospitals, facilities for intellectually disabled people and other institutional services has not been matched by sufficient increases in community care and community housing.  As a result our prisons have become the depository for people with acquired brain injury, mental health patients and sometimes people with an intellectual disability. Past and current governments judge those in poverty, those without a job, those unable to care for themselves.  On PAPER INCREASING THE PRISON AND CORRECTIONS BUDGET LOOKS BETTER THAN COSTS RELATED TO HUMANE CARE.  The Commonwealth government’s treatment of children on Naru is a current and shameful example. By not having a human response to humans we are creating long term homelessness.  There are citizens in our region who believe, as Malcolm Fraser did, that there should be a civic duty and response to situtions as they arise:

Bayside Refugee Advocacy and Support Association