Job creation, real jobs – not Gig jobs

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Creating and Maintaining Full time work


The secrecy of the Trans-Pacific-Partnership TPP.  It was in our very own main street of the Victorian Bentleigh electorate that the mastermind plans for the TPP were held. Yes right on the corner of Centre Road and Loranne Street is where the mindset of further “selling out our grandmother”,  “selling out on our Grandchildren” took place.  and the car industry died!

Victoria was once the largest employer of people in the motor vehicle industry.

What we didn’t know is that the TPP forbid government subsidisation of the car industry. This restriction was to benefit the USA car industry and also car producers in Asia.

The only way forward was for The Australian Government to subsidise and promote products in the defence industry.  The Victorian adaptation to this restriction of trade was to create more jobs in the construction industry. Once the whole TPP was verified and signed Mr Trump was not going to sign anything that created an equal playing field between the USA and other members of the TPP.

As part of a new Victorian Government I will review the impact of the TPP on Victoria. Review the impact on farming, oil and gas exploration, on the pharmaceutical industry and the transport vehicle industry.

After all we do make trains and trams in Victoria.  We need to review where Victoria can levitate its natural economic advantage.  We should not with the TPP throw the “baby out with the bath water” or sell our “own grandmother”.

We need to make the TPP work for the State of Victoria. I will ask the Auditor General to review the impact of the TPP on the State of Victoria.

I will work to reduce payroll tax.