Sustainable Housing

Demands by political parties for high rise living – really mean unsustainable living.

Current high rise buildings do not have significant solar power generation, nor sufficient water harvesting.  We have heard of far too many AirBNB apartments and high rise smash ups.


Yes we do need more density – but we can do this without body corporate management fess.

Workcover – workplace accidents

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Work Accident?

What is a workplace accident? When a crane operator drops a bucket of concrete on 2 or 3 workers. Then coming to some sort of conclusion may be obvious.

In large corporate and government organizations in Victoria (such as local governments etc) a CEO’s Performance appraisal has a category for “Risk Management” as one of their major KPI’s in their performance reports. This is a grey area and is subject to manipulation in order to keep/avoid exposure to an organization at the same time keep the risk ratings as low as possible for their performance review to look great.  This also happens in small not-for-profit organisations where mental health problems may occur due to resources being insufficient for the work tasks required.

Employers are fearful of Workcover premiums.  There should be more done to encourage employers to have a healthy and safe workplace.  The recent crane incident is appalling in a developed economy like Victoria’s.  However, Workcover is not working for Victoria worker’s.  Recent advances in medical science can detect minor back conditions which then work candidates have to declare.  Employers then avoid giving the applicant a job.

Or the employee is quietly guided out of the organization – even in the public or community service sectors. The employer is risk adverse.  This creates unnecessary poverty and housing stress, particularly for women in nursing, aged care and also for males in lifting occupations.  First responder occupations are also risk areas for employers or where there are times of significant “whole of community stress” such as bushfires, floods or war.  Instead of rewarding employers with lower premiums, or rewarding managers with pay bonuses we must be a civil society. One that truly builds in support: financially, materially and with health services for all people – not just those who work in physical occupations.

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Candidate statement

Oscar Carmino Lobo

Electorate Residence: Bentleigh

I am a local, long term resident in the Bentleigh Electorate, and I have contributed actively to the Glen Eira municipality as Councillor and Deputy Mayor.

I will bring central family values to the Victorian Parliament if I am elected. Based on accepting and promoting State law and regulation without intimidation.

Addressing population growth within the context of a diverse and multicultural community which values social inclusion.

Reducing over reliance on harmful pollutants threatening our children, asthma prone adults, and Victoria’s dynamic agricultural sector faced with increased arid farming conditions.

Reducing congestion and increasing renewables needs to be evidenced based (see energy policy)

My passion is for improving probity in Government and business. Allowing small business to grow. Encouraging a healthy, life enhancing population which benefits from sound life skills based education which embraces STEM and the social sciences and is inclusive of competence in community languages. The health, vitality and contribution of first nation members needs to included in this system of accountability, integrity and probity.


2008 – Present – Principal Golden Events Management

2008 – 2009 – Principal, Hospitality Business – Taj on South, South Road, Moorabbin

1997 – 1988 ASB (Auckland Savings Bank); a subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank (Australia Retail Banking).

1981 – 1988 International Financial Exchange & National Bank of Kuwait – Head of Internal Control (probity and business integrity)


Bachelor of Business Administration

Diploma in Local Government (2015 Municipal Association of Victoria)

Jewish Community social housing

In the geographic area of Bentleigh the Jewish Community needs specific consultation especially with Jewish Care and the Council of Australian Jewry regarding social housing, new communities possibly in the South East Growth Corridor or Port Melbourne-Fisherman’s Bend redevelopment.

Shules facing lower participation levels such as Albert Street East Melbourne may be able to be specially resourced in the area of social housing to enable renewal of their congregations and effective use of resources.

Wherever there are Jewish festivals, celebrations and gatherings safety needs to be paramount for these valued and joyous events.

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