Our Environment and climate change

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Australia’s ecosystem is fragile one but essential for farming and food production.  Fiona Simson from the National Farmer’s Federation has acknowledged the contribution of fossil fuel burning to climate change. 
The detractors of concern for our climate in Australia are often supported by overseas coal and oil interests and have no real concern about maintaining the unique lifestyle of Australians.
Nor Australia’s “Clean Food Bowl” reputation.  Much of Australia’s financial interests rely on reliable export of pristine sourced agricultural products, free from contaminants frequently found in the Northern Hemisphere. 
Australian farmers and exporters are rewarded financially for this.  Climate Change, caused by the use fossil fuels, was first acknowledged in the USA in 1963.  women have played a significant role in education and environmental activism notably Rachel Carson in investigating the problems with DDT and Margaret Thatcher in bringing the United Nations to a point of action in eradicating CFCS.


The effects of Climate Change in Australia vary State by State but we must work to reduce the dryness of our arid soils by 10 per cent to maintain viable agricultural production.  One way to achieve this is via the use of bio-solids from regional towns and capital cities.  Reducing dryness will stabilise soils and reduce erosion from wind.  Our forests also play and important role.  They have been called the lungs of the planet!  In Victoria our unique wildlife is under threat.  I will support:

1. The creation of the Great Forest National Park in Victoria’s Central Highlands.

2. The protection of East Gippsland’s high conservation value forests and threatened species habitat from logging in new reserves.

3. The strengthening of protections for threatened wildlife and ecosystems through regulatory reform of the logging industry.

Our unique system of radial sawing needs to be supported as a means to efficiently use our beautiful hardwoods.  But we need to support very strongly efforts to farm timbers sustainably, especially from plantation forests.

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