Planning and Urban Development

E limit C 2019 Ardesiderata

We all realise that Australia, as the driest continent in the world has its limits.  Farmer’s often see the land as resourcing 2 things –

  • jobs for their children who may work on the family farm.
  • And a form of superannuation.

State governments have not recognised this. State governments have given in to increasing demands of the Property Council and real estate interests.  Yes we can have higher density.  But we can have it with less body corporate fees, lifts, and underground car-parks which de-stabilise the local water tables AND PUT FAMILY CARS AT RISK OF DAMAGE DURING FLOODS.

So we need  a State Government Fund, possibly the Victorian Funds Management Corporation which retiring Farmers can approach to sell their land at a market rate.  This would preserve Green Wedges, Green Corridors and reduce the carbon footprint. And also keep Victoria as one of the great food bowls of the world.

New housing instead of spreading horizontally on “apartment floors” can spread vertically in dwellings.  Say 3 storeys high but actually looking like 2 storeys – with space for cars at ground level. If elected I will suppoort the 8 meter height limit for coastal suburbs.

E Housing C 2019 Artdesiderata.jpg