Policies in Brief

traffic cars street traffic jam

We need to tackle increasing congestion in Bentleighnightshow1We need to celebrate family life, joyous occasions and multiculturalism.

internet screen security protection

We need to feel safe on the streets, in our homes and with financial institutions and technology

black calculator near ballpoint pen on white printed paper

We need to be able to manage the cost of living compared with jobs and financial security

person using black blood pressure monitor

We need accessible, financially affordable health care

group of friends hanging out

We need inspiring, quality education for all ages which leads to jobs and a healthy lifestyle.

low angle photo of people doing huddle up

We need to find more ways of working together, no matter what our background.

environment forest grass leaves
We need to support the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy (QCC) project

We need to re-power the planet, not be immobilised by AEMEO regulation threats of outages –

Repower Australia Plan – Australian Conservation Foundation