Social Conflict

group of people holding posters
There are many rumblings.  Many People feel they are unheard.  Even if someone in a baseball cap travels to Queensland saying “I am listening, I am hearing”.  Those in the centre of politics need to be heard, especially when living costs increase.

There are many people taking advantage of the increase in social conflict. Some are saying that generations X and Y should blame the baby boomers. Others are saying we should blame new migrants, asylum seekers, boat refugees or other cultural groups or minorities

What is not understood is that many people are adapting to changing expectations.  some are adapting easily, some less so.  There are new technological disruptors: Uber, Air BNB, Taxify,  Bitcoin etc, etc,

We should not give in to those seeking to take advantage of creating conflict We know many people suffered during the Great Depression, others served in times of war, others worked under the hot Australian sun, others escaped from torture and violence.  The baby boomers often started in the workforce young.  Paper boys dodged tram and cars when selling newspapers in the dark on Brighton Road.  Others watched American Chinook helicopters raiding Vietnam on black and white TVs at home.  They knew a marble with their birthdate may mean a conscription call up in the next year or so.  They knew of the marches against Vietnam War.  They knew of the deaths of Aussies too.

We can find ways to work together in this great country!

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