Transport and Congestion


architecture blur bus cars

Our roads should be prioritized for trades and businesses which are the backbone of the State.

This can be done by
-Reducing tolls for vehicles before 7am and between 10am and 3pm
-Reducing tolls for dual cab vehicles

Public transport needs to be support by v/line coaches using freeways and a dedicated traffic light system for v/line coaches using Wurrundjerri Way and Dudley St to access The Southern Cross Coach Terminal.

The Napthine Government did not provide for sufficient public space and transport corridors for the Fisherman’s Bend City Redevelopment project. This will create transport turmoil which will impact on the Westgate Bridge crossing and create congestion waves through the southern suburbs. I will support the connection of the Sandringham line with Port Melbourne – Fisherman’s Bend precinct and further connection to Southern Cross and possible continuance to Tullamarine Airport.

I will support extension of the Western Regional Rail to connect Tullmarine and Avalon Airports.

The West Australian Government successfully introduced elevated rail along its freeway network. Victoria still needs to grow its rail network. I will support elevated rail along the Eastern Freeway Collingwood to Doncaster.

I will support the prioritizing of the EastLink rail to connect with the Doncaster elevated rail. Thereby supporting 1989 clean air recommendations to provide an orbital public transport network.

I will support the upgrade of Pakenham station.

Importantly the South East growth corridor needs the V/line fast rail to link both Fountain Gate and Chadstone shopping centres. This can be done by elevated rail exiting the country line at Berwick and rejoining the metro system near Darling station. Stations would be provided near Fountain Gate and Chadstone shopping centres and also at other points to support Rowville and other communities. The Chadstone shopping centre gridlock is an environmental detriment to the Bentleigh community.

Burnley would become a new interchange station to take pressure off Richmond Station. Richmond station would have its toilets further up-graded to better conform to international expectations of a sporting precinct.

I will support the extension of electrified rail to Clyde and Baxter.

Any new public transport or road infrastructure would be combined with additional cycle paths and facility for mobility scooters. The young, disabled and aged will all be considered in transport development.

We need low cost clean air vehicles for Families – viable EV and Hybrid Alternatives. Not those designed for the Luxury market. I will ensure that electric and hybrid vehicles costing over $70,000 new do not receive Vic Roads registration fee deductions.

I will support removing the anomally, which prevents cyclists accessing Transport Accident Commission redress.E vehicle