Workcover and workplace accidents

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Work Accident?

What is a workplace accident? When a crane operator drops a bucket of concrete on 2 or 3 workers. Then coming to some sort of conclusion may be obvious.

In large corporate and government organizations in Victoria (such as local governments etc) a CEO’s Performance appraisal has a category for “Risk Management” as one of their major KPI’s in their performance reports. This is a grey area and is subject to manipulation in order to keep/avoid exposure to an organization at the same time keep the risk ratings as low as possible for their performance review to look great.  This also happens in small not-for-profit organisations where mental health problems may occur due to resources being insufficient for the work tasks required.

Employers are fearful of Workcover premiums.  There should be more done to encourage employers to have a healthy and safe workplace.  The recent crane incident is appalling in a developed economy like Victoria’s.  However, Workcover is not working for Victoria worker’s.  Recent advances in medical science can detect minor back conditions which then work candidates have to declare.  Employers then avoid giving the applicant a job.

Or the employee is quietly guided out of the organization – even in the public or community service sectors. The employer is risk adverse.  This creates unnecessary poverty and housing stress, particularly for women in nursing, aged care and also for males in lifting occupations.  First responder occupations are also risk areas for employers or where there are times of significant “whole of community stress” such as bushfires, floods or war.  Instead of rewarding employers with lower premiums, or rewarding managers with pay bonuses we must be a civil society. One that truly builds in support: financially, materially and with health services for all people – not just those who work in physical occupations.